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….and then IT happened!

IT Happened In Unpredictable Ways

IT Happened Change is inevitableIT Happened and IT was not expected.

Have you ever set out to accomplish one thing and end up on a completely different path?

“IT” happened to me recently and I can say the twist and turns aren't a bad thing. In fact, I believe our very survival is dependent on our ability to bend and flex. You just need to stay open and aware and read the signs along your journey.

I set out on a course of action to solve a challenge, and then “IT” happened.  The inevITable! I don't know why i should be surprised, after all it is inevITable that while on a journey, detours come up. Side adventures that take us to unexpected places as long as you are aware and open to the unexpected.

Life Lessons Are Learned While You Are Living Them

I had built, managed, and maintained the eCommerce site for almost eight years. I did it on my own and I learned as I went. There were countless hours invested, but the cost of human capital was well worth it.  Until recently it seems the things I need to do were competing with the limited knowledge and limited bandwidth I had.  So, in order to grow Très Spa and help it to reach its full potential, I needed to make some simple edits. Well, simple in theory but inevITably proving to be complicated.

Along the way to solving this one simple little thing, I ended up rebuilding  the entire store on a new platform. Had you asked me this just over a week ago, I would have said no way. Having just completed the project (well websites are never fully finished) I must say I am over the moon!

Better Than I Could Have Imagined

Not only did I find the solution I had been in search of, I found solutions I hadn't dreamed of solving in a million hours. I now have the responsive website I had always dreamed of and you can find me where ever you prefer!

I hope you like the changes and feel free to drop me a note if something is missing or just to tell me what you think. But you still need to sign up for the newsletter for special deals and announcements. 🙂

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