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The best way to keep cool and dry

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What is the best way to keep cool and dry when the heat goes up?

Tres Spa best way to keep cool and dry when the heat goes upKeep cool and dry even when the heat is up. We all feel a little heat from time to time. Either it is the climate outside or the pressures inside. Something happens and our temp goes up. Given the right conditions, so does our sweat. It's time like this it may seem impossible to keep coll and dry. It can really become a problem. Sweating can leave you feeling sticky, slippery, and downright uncomfortable. Add any kind of rubbing action under these conditions and that friction is probably going to lead to some serious irritation. The best intervention to avoid this situation is to have advanced preparation.

Sweating is a natural thing and, for most of us, you should not try to stop the body from doing what it does naturally (dangers of antiperspirants). There are those who suffer from Hyperhidrosis, which is severe and may require medical intervention to help normalize sweat gland production. But how can the rest of us keep cool and dry naturally when the heat gets turned up? Depending on what's getting you hot, try these techniques to help bring you cool comfort when you need it the most.

The top technique to keep cool and dry in any situation

I would never encourage the use of antiperspirants on a regular basis. But they are designed to stop you from sweating and as far as I know there is nothing in nature that can do that. The number one option for a person who wants to be in harmony with nature is to use nature to help ease the effects. Protect yourself with a natural hydrophobic layer of protection. The one thing I recommend to anyone and everyone, no matter what the circumstances is so simple even a baby understands: Powder up before you leave your home. No matter what the weather or what the life circumstance, you will never regret powdering up before you power up for your day.It is the best intervention you can do to keep cool and dry.

It wont stop you from sweating but it will help to create a barrier so you can dry faster and feel cooler. You can read more about what powders are best and how they work here.

For stress induced situations:

Practice: If you know you are going to be in a stressful situation ahead of time, like a presentation in front of an audience, rehearse as many times as you can beforehand.  It's not enough to read a presentation, you need to stand up and speak the words even if no one is in the room with you. Something triggers in your mind as you hear the words you speak.

Tres Spa Aroma Therapy with aromatic mists

Meditation: If you adopt a regular habit of meditation, then you will be able to center yourself no matter what the turmoil is around you. A practice of only 10 minutes a day can have a profound impact on your overall sense of well-being and your ability to handle stressful situations.

Watch the caffeine: I'm not one to say walk away from coffee; I love my coffee. However, if you are under stress, reducing your coffee consumption might prove helpful.

Introduce Herbal Teas:  Among your daily beverage choices, add an herbal tea that has botanicals that help to relieve stress and anxiety. Look for organic herbal blends that have chamomile, peppermint, lemon balm, passion flower (my personal favorite), and, of course, green tea. All of these herbs have relaxing qualities to them.

Carry a high quality Aromatic Mist with you: Aromatics can alter your state of mind and the general energy around you. Ever notice how no one can ever frown when they smell a strong citrus? It's more than just a coincidence that Lavender causes so many to relax. Not to sound like I'm bragging, but we happen to have quite a collection of different blends at Tres Spa. Check out our Aromatic Mist category.

If the climate has you in a sweat

Sometimes it's just plain hot out and this causes you to sweat more. What can do you do to naturally keep cool and dry? Sure, it's easy to keep cool if you're in front of a fan or tucked inside in the air-conditioning. But that's not always possible and not a natural way to control your body's temperature. So how do you beat the heat?

Drink plenty of water: Staying hydrated is important any time of year but even more important in hot conditions. You sweat more so you need to replenish those fluids. Sweat is your friend. In fact, it is your natural air conditioner. Sweat on the surface of your skin catches a breeze. The water interacts with the air to give your skin a cooling feeling. I know it can be hard to get enough water when you don't like the taste of it, so try some life hacks to help you out.

Dress for the occasion: Drape yourself in lose fitting flowing clothes that breathe well. Loose clothes can help create a natural air-conditioning effect because they ride over the surface of the skin and don't cling too tight.

Mist yourself: It may sound like you're tossing gasoline to the fire, but you aren't. I know you want to dry out, but sometimes the fastest way to dry out is to cool off first so use a high quality mist to spritz over you. That moisture will catch even the slightest of breezes and cool you off. Another positive side effect is you will smell really, really, really good and so will your surroundings. Especially if you are using one or the Très Spa multi-purpose skin safe Aromatic Mists.

Keep a cloth handy: Running a cloth under cool water and applying it to your body's heat points will instantly cool the body. Most common points are the back of the neck, the inside of the wrists, the inside of your elbow, behind your knees, on your ankles, and on the tops of your feet, to name a few.

Take your time: When the heat is on, this is the perfect time for you to slow it down a bit. Take your time and try not to be in such a rush.  Channel your inner sloth and make each movement purposeful and slow.

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Earthworms returning to the tundra!

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OK, yes, I am being silly but the last few days I have been amazed and delighted to see a rather significant number of earthworms milling about the path. Every morning (well almost every) I go for at least a 30 minute power walk outside.


Why outside?


  • It's good to get out and freshen the lungs with air other than your own recycled air. Sure I live in the city and there is air pollution, but the benefits exceed the minor exposure.
  • 30 minutes of sun shine on your shoulders makes you healthy and happy. Vitamin D (Bone health) and if that isn't good enough for you, John Denver can tell you why: Sunshine on my Shoulders Yes, I know it's raining (remember the earthworm population explosion). but to those of us who have lived in drought, well that rain fall is a little bit of sunshine!
  • Give your nose a break! Look, you gotta get away from the same smell or you just dull your senses so go out and play bloodhound and give your nose a break from what is most familiar. But we'll talk more about your nose in another post.
Earthworm, Snake, Large, Meadow, Animal

So why am I so happy about the little wriggly worm? 

  • Because there is enough moisture to bring them back. In case you hadn't noticed it, they have been in short supply the last few years. When resources are limited, nature has a way of either dying off or going into extended hibernation only returning when the climate conditions are favorable.
  • Earthworms are one of Mother Natures workhorses for soil health! They clean debris and leave a neutral PH soil that is nutrient richer and properly aerated.
  • Happy soil makes for a happy life! I'm sure I don't need to tell you how important rich nourishing soil is to our health and supporting life. They bring Harmony to Nature!

If you want to know more about how earthworms benefit the environment, here is a great article from Penn state. 


If you see a little earthworm on your path say thanks! After a few days of rain around here, I was giving a lot of gratitude on my walk today! Of course I also looked a bit silly dancing around them all as well, but you know I never mind looking a tad bit silly from time to time. 🙂

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Mosquitos and Ticks: Why do they bite & How do I get them to stop

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Am I a target for biting bugs? Do mosquitoes and ticks have it out for me?

Ever feel like nature has it out for you? Like there is a network of biting bugs that have you on the most wanted list? You step outside and it seems like they are chasing you down.
Bugs bite for a couple of reasons, usually to defend or to feed. I can't think of any bug that bites for fun or world domination. In fact, most would rather you never darken their door or cross their path. If you are standing over an ant hill and you stomp your feet, you can expect some angry soldiers to come out and attack you. They are defending their turf that you are trying to invade. Same goes for spiders, don't expect them to be happy to see you coming. You step into their web, well your just asking for trouble.

But what about the ones that seem to hunt you down like prey. You know the ones that come from the sky and dive bomb your outdoor activity. It seems like they knew you were coming and targeted you like you were painted with a bulls eye. How do they know? It's in their sense of smell.

There are somewhere around 175 different varieties of Mosquitoes in the US alone and they have been around for about 170 million years, they've had lots of time to perfect their homing instincts. So if you are feeling like they targeted you, they probably did. They smelled you coming from over 50 yards away. The female mosquitoes (the men don't bite) are mainly attracted to scent. Some of the scent signatures that attract them are the carbon dioxide we exhale and the lactic acid from your sweat glands. They haven't nail the exact scent trigger, but the scientists do know that some of us smell quite delectable, giving off a lovely bouquet, and the mosquitoes can't wait to dig in and feast.

While Ticks can't fly, or jump, or parachute from trees. They are also attracted to scent that they pick up from sensors in their legs. Ticks like to hid in ground cover or grassy areas where it's moist (dry heat will kill them). They wait for the right smelling host to brush by and they hop on, crawl around to find their favorite spots ( ears and heads are preferred), then dig in to feast.

So how do you protect yourself? The top two methods to defend you from both are to cover up and to change your scent or cover your scent. There are several synthetic compounds out there that have the power to destroy, but they can harm more than just the mosquitoes so thankfully those are falling out of favor. There are some plants that have a reputation of dissuading bugs from biting or at least throw them off of your scent and natural formulators rely on them to develop a kinder gentler bug repellent that can work in harmony with nature. We developed Hikers Heaven using three of these essential oils and we created an Organic Soap, Aromatic Mist, and a full Organic Body Lotion. While you could use one or two of them, we always recommend the three used together. After all, they are natural plant oils.


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How to Meditate Anytime Anyplace

Meditation, Why do it

Tres Spa Meditation Anytime AnyplaceWe do it to balance and strengthen us, mind body and spirit! Now I am not here to talk about new age spirituality or any religious dogma, but the truth is universal and the truth is the act of meditation can have a profound impact on the individual. Spending time centering and focusing and quieting the mind can help us drive down our blood pressure, gain perspective on priorities, and adds to our general feelings of well being. And a focused centered mind that is clear is very powerful. There are many benefits at many levels so no matter what your spiritual belief, you will benefit from adopting a regular meditation practice.

Meditation, What is it?

Meditation is a time to quiet the mind. <period. End of Statement> This practice is as old as time itself and is often closely tied to spiritual practices as well and many religious practices have their own version or ritual practice. But does it have to be spiritual? No. The act of Deep Meditation is to simply quiet the mind.

There is also a form of Meditation that is Mindful. This is when you quiet all other mental noise and think only on the act you are doing. For example, preparing a meal for you or your family. You would focus all intent and all awareness on the carrot you are preparing or the celery you are dicing or the potato you are peeling.  Musicians and artists tend to gravitate to this as well as chefs and athletes. For this particular customer, I told them to strum the cord of G. We can add D and C down the road. 🙂

The other one would be Meditation in Motion. This is when you are moving but you doing more than moving, you become both focused and fluid at the same time. Martial arts is a good example and so is dance or even endurance or body building training.  In fact, athletes tend to phase from one to the other form very fluidly. When I was a marathon runner, I used all three techniques of meditation a great deal.

Meditation, How to do it

Simple! At least it can be. There are lots of ways to go about it and many practitioners who will teach you their ways. Some sessions take longer than others and some have a high level of ritual around it. But the truth is, meditating is as easy as breathing.  At the heart of all meditation practice, that is it: let go of the active dialog in your mind and focus on your breathing. Breath inhale and release exhale. The rest is noise or filler.

Most people think they need to do something special or ritualistic. They have special poses and special pillows to sit on and incense to burn and chimes to ring. You can do this if you want to and I do on occasion. In fact I love the spiritual meditation practices but I don't have time for that every day.

The real secret in any form of meditation is the Eyes. What do you do with your eyes. Well, for deep meditation you don't close your eyes you just relax the eyelids and set your gaze to a focal point in the near distance and let it fall out of focus. For mindful mediation, you focus your eyes and your mind on the object you are centering on.

Meditation, Where to do it?

Some people think you need to be in a special surrounding. It often evokes images of nature and the outdoors. Tranquil lakes and flowing streams or big puffy clouds. These are lovely images but I live in the city and I can't get to the countryside every day. Meditate where you are.  It is splendid to sit under a 300 year old Redwood in the peaceful forest, but I can't get there every day and  you really do want to carve out at least 10 minutes a day to meditate. Every day!

Two things you learn when running  busy life, leveraging and multitasking! This applies to everyone, even if you are not running your own company or trying to get your business off the ground. To fit my 10 minutes of meditation in on a daily basis, I multitask. We all do things every day that don't require our mental focus so I use those times to spend time quieting my mind. It's a form of Meditation in Motion.

Here are a list of ideas of when and where you might be able to fit in 10 minutes of meditation:

  • Riding a commuter train or bus. Notice I did not say driving. You cannot meditate or should not try to when you are operating a ton of powered steel that can kill.
  • Household chores: Washing dishes, vacuuming, dusting, etc……
  • Preparing a meal (this can also be a great time to practice Mindful Meditation)
  • Personal grooming time: Shower, shaving, and any number of activities that don't require thought.
  • Hot Tub or Bath time is perfect if you are a tub person or you have access to a hot tub.
  • Fitness training: Depending on the fitness activity you could do a releasing meditation or a mindful meditation.
  • Walking or Running: Try doing these on your own and using this time to meditate. You can't meditate and carry on a conversation. People will notice if you have tuned them out.
  • Waiting for an appointment, get there early so you can meditate before you go in.

There are lots of opportunities for you to create in your day so no excuses. Oh, one word of advice, try no tot pick the time someone is trying to interact with you as a time to “tune out” and meditate! There is always time in you day to meditate for at least 10 minutes. You can choose Deep Meditation, Meditation in Motion, or Mindful Meditation. 


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