Mix it up?

Why do I need to stir up my body scrub? Sometimes, like with the body scrubs and the organic face cleanser, you need to stir it up. That is because the products do not contain any artificial stabilizers or suspenders to “hold it all together”. They come...

Introducing Très Spa Luxury Skin Care Gift Collections

Introducing Très Spa Luxury Gift Collections For those times that you really want to pamper someone with only the best nature has to offer, the Très Spa Luxury Skin Care Collections. Our chic full size skin care collections, or as we call them, Spa in A Box, has...
What is a body powder for

What is a body powder for

What are the uses for body powder or dusting powder and is there a difference…. I'm always stunned when I hear this question, but if you are asking it, you are not alone. I had assumed everyone had learned about powder until I introduced the Très Spa Organic...

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