Vanilla Coconut Body Scrub


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Très Spa Vanilla Coconut Body Scrub – Transport yourself to a warm sun-kissed beach in the Caribbean islands, the soft breeze caresses your skin, the sound of waves embracing the shore, and in the distance the carefree sound of the steel drum band beckons you to experience joyous abandon.

Coconut and Sugars blend with exquisite oils to create a scrubbing polish that is sure to help you get skin that glows. The aromatic of this scrub is soft with a hint of coconut and seductive vanilla.

*We use only natural coconut so if you are looking for a strong coconut scent this is not for you- we don't do fake

The featured oils are Organic Coconut, and Organic Cocoa Butter The exfoliates are Organic Turbinado sugar Other additives Coconut milk, vanilla, vitamin E, ROE, The Essential oil is a pure Vanilla resin.

Each scrub can be used on a regular basis either before or after you shower. For best skin care, we do not recommend using a scrub more than three to four times a week. While all of our scrubs will exfoliate and rejuvenate the skin, each one has unique characteristics. To learn more about each, see a brief description next to each one. A word of caution when using scrubs, they contain oils which can make your tub or shower slippery after use so please step carefully.

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