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Nature's Bug Repeller! Très Spa Hiker's Heaven Mist

Ah nature, cast your eyes upon the wonder and beauty of the great outdoors. Whether you are hiking a mountain range, scaling a cliff, walking along a forest path, tending your garden, or simply enjoying a picnic in the park you are enjoying being in harmony with nature. Then you start to hear the little buz buz buz……here they come, those lovely little pesky predators looking to make you their snack for the day.
Defend yourself with Hiker's Heaven! Our blend of essential oils are natures little powerhouse defenders against biting bugs.

Our unique blend of Citronella, Eucalyptus, and Cedarwood essential oils has pleasing fresh crisp scent with a wood back note

In creating our skin safe, environmentally friendly, mists we use only pure essential oils. You can use them to scent yourself, your linen, or scent your environment.

Très Spa Mists are Aroma Therapy for you and your environment. We use only pure essential oils in creating our skin safe, environmentally friendly, mists. You can use them to scent yourself, your linen, or scent your environment. Très Spa Mists make a perfect alternative for eco-friendly air freshener. Take one along in the car or keep one in your office to freshen the air. How about using them as a natural alternative to perfumes? Need to freshen those sheets? Try a quick spritz of Très Spa Mist. This product has not been registered by the US EPA. Tres Spa represents that this product qualifies for exemption from regulation under FIFRA, 40 CFR, sec 152.25 (g) minimum risk pesticides.

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5 reviews for Très Spa Aromatic Mist – Hiker’s Heaven

  1. Gary

    I was surprised
    I wasn’t sure how well it would work, since it’s all natural. We have pretty aggressive bugs in the Sierra’s but I gotta admit this Hikers Heaven works pretty darn good!

    • TinkerBell

      Nice to know it’s tough enough to stand guard against the tough mountain bugs.

  2. Sarah

    Works fantastic!
    Every year I spend a few months at a Monastery. I wanted something that would keep the bugs from landing on me, but not disturb the peace. I am so glad I found Hikers Heaven! Everyone else was getting bites so I shared your fantastic product with them.

    • TinkerBell

      Finding harmony is very important to us. So glad we can help you stay in harmony, 100% naturally.

  3. Linda

    Finally a bug spray that smells great
    Oh yes, and it works well too! I do a lot of trail running and I hate to be “bugged” I take my Hikers Heaven and no more bugs!

    • TinkerBell

      It’s great to spend time outdoors and not end up snack food! Happy Trails!

  4. Lynn

    I didn’t get one bite!
    Bugs love me so going outside in the summer can be miserable. I went on a camping trip for 4 days in mosquito country. I am happy to say I survived the entire trip with only one little bite. Success!

    • TinkerBell

      We are glad we could help defend you when you needed it the most!

  5. The Family

    Hikers Haven Great for keeping bugs at bay! We also use this to spray on bedding at hotels and haven’t had any bites!! Love it!!

    • TinkerBell

      That is wonderful news! And even better when no one (person or insect) was harmed in the protection of your peaceful rest and recreation.

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