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Number One Skin Care Treatment for Younger Looking Skin Revealed!

The Most Important Skincare Treatment

We all want it, especially when it's gone, that youthful looking glowing skin. Soft and supple like an endless spring. But it's not so easy to hang on to. With time  and the environment assaulting it, you can feel like you are in an endless battle. As if environment and age weren't enough, what about all of those endless miracle potions we put on? From perfumes to the laboratory concoctions of creams, serums, ointments, lotions and a myriad of other products loaded with synthesized compounds from the lab. Oh and let us not forget the dreaded Sun Screen.

Gee wiz, you would think that nature could not survive without endless scientific intervention! Yes your skin is the largest organ and yes, you should treat it right since it will be with you an entire lifetime. We do believe that good topical skincare practices can really have a solid impact on your skins natural abilities. At Tres Spa we believe, you should be using pure natural products formulated in harmony with nature, to achieve that goal.

But there is one skincare treatment that is the most important one if you want to nourish health skin and it is free to use.

Free To Use

Here's the truth. Your skin is a wonder to behold. It protects you from the outside and allows you to detoxify the inside (that is why sweating is such a good thing). Your skin is a natural defense with multiple layers that regenerate every 28 days or so. New cells continuously replacing dead ones. Your job is to help support the skin to do what the skin does naturally, and sure, maybe help it out a bit here and there.

So what is the most important skin care treatment ever? Water. That's it, the most important skin care treatment ever created; water.

Why Is It So Important & How Much Do I Need?

Drinking water, and enough water, everyday can have a profound impact on your skin. Drinking water keeps you hydrated from the inside and what is inside eventually pushes (or flushes) out. Now how much water should you drink? I have heard a great deal of differing recommendations. The most popular is the 8 x 8. Eight, eight ounce servings of pure water. I have also heard others say to drink a half gallon a day to really make sure you are flushing the body clean. Others say liquids count towards your water while others argue that only pure water counts. Best advice I received from someone was to drink plain water until your urine is fairly clear. Of course this was from my time as a Raw Vegan so the food choices also helped a great deal. At the time (the time I am writing this) I am not a practicing Raw Vegan, I'm more Vegan with occasional slips. I pretty much have settled into having a half gallon glass jug of water handy every day.

Personally, I think that it should be plain water . Why, because it has nothing fancy about it. It's simple, yet elegant, it is naturally designed to supply all living organisms the key ingredient to life.

It doesn't require any manipulations to get it to work. No synthesized compounds from a lab or factory. No human intervention required. It works fresh from the spring. It works no matter how young or old and you can start using it any time! It's never too late.

If you are having trouble getting enough water because you don't like the taste, here are some life hacks I used to get myself transitioned to plain water. I had a lifetime of drinking nothing but flavored drinks and a serious Diet Soda addiction. It worked for me and I hope it will help you.

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