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Mix It Up Before You Use It

Why Do I Need To Mix It Up Before I Use It?

Mix it up or shake it up, chances are you might need to give your Très Spa product a stir before using. Not all things, but some things like the body scrubs and the aromatic mists may separate when they are resting on the shelf. No need to panic. It's perfectly normal.

Squeeze To Mix

Tres Spa Vanilla Coconut Body ScrubSometimes, like with the body scrubs and the organic face cleanser, you need to mix it up. That is because the products do not contain any artificial stabilizers or suspenders to “hold it all together”. They come together like a handshake. When they are resting the heavier items may fall to the bottom while the oil rises to the top.

We do use palm wax to help with suspension as we do in a couple of products like the  organic lip balms and the organic butter sticks, (we are Vegan Friendly so no Beeswax for us). The Organic Palm wax in the body scrub is there to help support the suspension of the ingredients but it has a second purpose and that is to act as an emollient for your skin. The purpose of a scrub is to open up and flush out the skin pores while encouraging cell regeneration.

Our purely natural products have a combination of plant oils and botanical ingredients. They don't all weigh the same. So, when the oil gets warm, heavier items may fall to the bottom and lighter oils lift to the top. No biggie, you just stir it up a little. (it's like using fresh handmade Almond milk or Cashew milk in your coffee or tea, without the guar gum, you gotta' stir it up a little.)

Shake It Up

Très Spa Aromatic Mist – Sacred Smudge

If you have an Aromatic Mist from Très Spa, you're going to want to shake it up before you spray it. Oil and water don't mix. That is just a physical fact that will never change. Some things can be used to help the two get along and seem to mix better but that is as far as well can go naturally. Certainly there are synthetic chemicals that can help force the situation, but that is not us. We use only plant based ingredients and we tend to take a more gentle approach to nature. Trying to force things is just…. well… not natural.

So keep it natural, simple, elegant, and eco chic. Shake that bottle and give that bag a little squeeze when needed.

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