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Introducing Très Spa Luxury Skin Care Gift Collections

Introducing Très Spa Luxury Gift Collections

For those times that you really want to pamper someone with only the best nature has to offer, the Très Spa Luxury Skin Care Collections. Our chic full size skin care collections, or as we call them, Spa in A Box, has everything you need to create those spa inspired experiences in the comfort of your own home. These full sized collections are designed to indulge the receiver with many applications. More than just a taste or a sample, these are banquets for the skin! And just to make sure the recipient is fully pampered, we included some of our favorite accessories to use along the spa journey.

Where Eco – Conscious meets Eco – Chic

If it is one thing we love here at Très Spa studio's it's a challenge. Not your ordinary challenge, we relish the design challenges for skin care. From the individual isolated ingredients, the way they are combined, the container they are held in, to the package they arrive to your door.End to end, our focus is on uniqueness and excellence in purely natural Luxury Skin Care.

We put attentive thought into each and every step. No decision is made lightly and all of them are made with our core guiding beliefs and practices at heart.

Historically we have pretty much been an “al la carte company”. With the exception of some of our petite sets, we have been a “you pick and we'll box” company for all of the full size products. Then a special request came in from one of our long term clients. They wanted to offer their customers something unique and definitely missing from their shelves.  A high quality personal care line that was unadulterated, pure and natural, in pre-assembled gift sets.Thus the Très Spa Luxury Skin Care Spa in a Box was created.

Solution: A Spa in a Box

Tres Spa Luxury Spa Face Care CollectionWe're pretty pleased with the results of these luxury gifts! Rather than use over sized packaging with custom molded inserts and single use boxes like most companies do, we used a transparent minimalist approach.

No frills or fillers

Instead of using over sized single purposed packaging, we used transparent food grade boxes. These boxes can be used for many storage purposes and they fold nice and flat for easy storage. Like I said  the packaging is food grade recyclable and reusable. Since our custom inserts are not glued in, you can easily remove them making the box completely transparent again. This allows the box to have a life way beyond a single use. Heck, you could even re-use it as a gift box for a whole new gift!

Bigger is Better. Better for you and the planet

Rather than use the customary half sized products, we used full size products to fill the box in.  This means we don't need to use other fillers to keep the products secure. As you can see, the boxes are stuffed with full size Très Spa skin care and other very useful accessories. The gift collections literally have everything you need, just add water and you are set to go!

Tres Spa Luxury Trio Gift Set Invigorate

It's a Wrap!

That brings us back to the last part of the gift box. These are all custom printed on demand by us on 100% recycled paper.  The Spa in a Box gift sets all have the step by step  instructions on how to have a spa like experience at home or anywhere you may be. The Trio gift box is lined with a picture of some of my favorite places along the California Coast. 

That picture is from a November hike I took with friends along the coast just south of Carmel, California.