Affiliate Influencer Program

Create extra income doing what you already do

Whether you realize it or not, you are an influencer. Have you ever shared your thoughts and feelings about a product with your friends or you family? Then you are an influencer. That's how affiliate programs work. You are rewarded for talking about products you love and sharing your link with friends, family, and over social media.

If you are ready to get started, simply go here and fill in the form.

All the rewards with none of the risk

By joining the Très Spa affiliate and influencer program you can create income for yourself without the added cost and hassles of building a product company. No need to worry about supply chains, product creation, inventory management, shipping, customer service and all of the many other parts of running a product company.

You can build your affiliate business from anywhere and at any time. You are in control of how much time and energy you want to put in to building your income. Once you've shared your unique link and your referrals come to shop, you can just sit back and collect the referral bonus. The best part is that when they purchase and they like it, they will come back for more. That's a key benefit for affiliates of a consumable product.

We'll take care of all of the product creation, order fulfillment, and any other customer support that may come up. We've been at this for over a decade and have built up a solid reputation for exceptional products and service.

How much can I earn?

There is no limit to your potential. You are in control of how much you earn. You will earn 7% on all completed orders coming from your unique link. The more you share and influence, the more you can earn. It's that simple.

What do I need to do?

It's simple and free to join. Simply fill in the application, the affiliate management team then reviews your request. They will reach out to you for some additional information. Once you are approved you will be given your own personalized affiliate account. You can log into your account to create your own links to share with friends and family or on social media. If you have a website or a blog site or even a vlog, you will be able to create a direct link to the Très Spa store. You will also be able to see all of the orders that come in from your links so you'll know exactly what your commissions will be.

How will I get paid?

Commission are calculated on the order total less shipping, taxes, discounts, or returns. All commissions are calculated at the end of the month then paid the following month via PayPal. If you are in a region that doesn't have PayPal, contact us to request a different payout method.

How do you know what's mine?

We use tracking cookies to let us know a referral is coming from your links and what your referral is spending. You will also be able to see all of this in your affiliate dashboard as well.

Your cookies will track for 180 days! That is way above industry standards. We did this because we are a relationship company. One that has over a decade of experience that has been built by forging strong relationships and providing exceptional products and service.

Plus, our products take a long time to use up. This makes them an exceptional value for the customer but it means they may not need to reorder for at least a few months. We wouldn't want you to miss out on earning so we extended the cookies tracking way beyond the normal limit.

Right to change

We will continuously monitor and evaluate the affiliate referral program and we may, from time to time, need to make adjustments to the terms and conditions.All participants will be notified in writing before any major change happens. Our goal is to create a very rewarding program for everyone.

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