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5 Natural Steps To Rid Yourself of Blackheads!

Those Pesky Blackheads!

I had a customer come by and ask me what was a good natural way to get rid of Blackheads. Great question! We all want clear skin with a soft glow. That means no acne allowed!

So first what's the true content of a blackhead and where does it come from? Blackheads are simply trapped oxidized oil and dead skin cells. They can show up anywhere including your back and chest, but more commonly your face and even more commonly your nose.

So what can you do to get rid of them? Scrubbing harder when you clean is not the answer. What you need to do is soften the skin and dissolve the trapped oxidized oil and let the pores flush it out.  There are lots of over the counter medicines formulated or this and the top two synthesized compounds are salicylic acid and retinoids.  Almost all of the acne fighting products will have one of these in it. But we are looking for bio-organic solutions to help right?

Five Steps to Complete Clarity

The good news is that we can get the work done using natures power and products that are in harmony. Here is Tres Spa's 5 step process:

  1. Wash your face on the regular.

    You can wash it when you wake and before you go to bed. Especially if you use makeup! I like to use washes with botanical exfoliates, of course. If you want to do a DIY and make your own face washing paste then take that natural Organic Vegan Soap bar, shave a bit of and add it to a glass bowl, toss in some ground oatmeal or other botanical s, add a splash of water and let it rest. The water will breakdown (biodegrade) the soap enough to make it sticky and mixable. You can use this as your face wash. Do not make a big batch as you will want to use this fast. Oil and water and botanicals equals a bacteria play ground. If you want to skip this hassle then just pick up a Tres Spa Organic Face Cleanser.

  2. Treat your face to a natural clay mask

    My favorite standby is the ole Tres Spa Clay Mask. The ultimate in product flexibility . I can make a tiny bit for a spot treatment or make a lot for the full facial effect. It is always fresh and custom to my personal needs. My favorite things to add from nature are Avocado and a piece of my Aloe Vera plant (so much goodness I can't begin to tell you). You can read about it here.  In fact, if you don't have a Aloe Vera plant, run to the store and get one! We have them at our local farmers market and I am surprised at how few pay attention to these lovelies! You can grow it inside on your window ledge. Mash that into a thicker paste for a small area or, if you are covering a larger area make into a spreadable consistency to cover the skin are you want covered. I make mine a bit like pancake mix.

  3. Steam wrap and relax

    You can finish your mask with a warm compress or a steam. You just put your face through a lot of scrubbing so give yourself the break you need to let it rest.

  4. Seal the deal with a refreshing toner

    I always always always follow with a toner. Just a spritz or two. Tres Spa makes a great natural purely botanical one or use whatever toner you see fit. Just stay away from alcohol – (but then you are natural so, me saying that is like preaching to the choir).

  5. Moisturize!

    Yes, use a moisturizer that is well suited for your skin type. You need to replenish and restore the skin so it doesn't dry out on you and get all clogged up again.  Contrary to what others may tell you, oil-less moisturizers are not natural and just because they have no oil, it doesn't make them better. It's a marketing angle. The ones I have seen are a blend of synthesized compounds seasoned with a couple of plant ingredients. I am not saying they are bad, they just don't fit  into the Tres Spa philosophy of creating products In Harmony with Nature and I know there are loads of natural plant oils that will not build up and clog your pores. You can find some of those amazing oils in our face oils. We also have a cream for that, called Defiance! and very popular!

    Repeat as often as you need and feel free to mix up step 2 and 3. Make a routine you can stick to on  a regular basis.

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